The Degree in Language Sciences and Literary Studies was launched in 2014-2015 with the aim of adapting traditional Galician and Hispanic Philology to the current demands of the knowledge and information society in order to train professionals capable of applying their knowledge to solving problems in language and cultural issues.

In the context of a globalised world, a good command of oral and written communication skills essential. This degree provides training in languages and humanities from a practical, contemporary perspective in connection with the digital world and market demands ranging from Portuguese, Spanish and Galician languages and literatures, language services, communication in businesses and institutions, creating Internet content, etc.

We welcome students from any background with an interest in following the philological tradition as well as in exploring the challenges of the groundbreaking digital society.

This degree is available as blended learning

Grao en Ciencias da Linguaxe
Grado en Estudios de Gallego y Español (En Extinción)

The main aim of the Degree in Translation and Interpreting which began in 2009/10 is to train generalist translators and interpreters capable of finding, processing, assessing, transforming and conveying information effectively in order to become high-quality cultural and linguistic mediators. A second aim is to acquire professional working methods to ensure graduates can identify and classify the different types of mediation, implement appropriate working methods and strategies in each case, adapt to the professional standards of the assignment and be aware of fundamental socio-professional aspects when working as a translator/interpreter.

This degree, which is unique in the university system of Galicia and northwest Spain, is also the only one in the whole of Spain where translation and interpreting subjects are taught both to and from Galician.

Furthermore, Galicia’s strategic geographical location which has historically favoured exchanges with Portugal makes this an attractive degree for students from the north of the neighbouring country. This possibility is enhanced by offering translation and interpreting courses with Portuguese.

In short, the degree offers multifunctional learning for a market that demands increasing levels of flexibility and adaptability

Grao en Tradución e Interpretación

The Degree in Foreign Languages was launched in 2009/10 with the aim of providing professionals with an in-depth linguistic, literary, historical and cultural knowledge of the foreign languages studied, namely English as a first language with French, German and Portuguese as second and third languages. It is worth noting that over the four-year degree our students acquire the required skills for efficient oral and written comprehension and expression. Designed to suit the students’ needs, our degree provides training based on the effective incorporation of theory and practice, integrating differing skills through the combination of content, experience, knowledge and descriptive and analytical abilities of these languages and cultures. To this end, we offer intensive training for a labour market that continuously demands more and better knowledge of foreign languages and their literary and cultural context. 

Grao en Linguas Extranxeiras